Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light Transmitter

৳ 990 ৳ 1100
Put ample amount of advanced formulation gel on the molded tray Wear the tray by placing on the teeth like a mouth guard Place the light against the tray. Press the white button to turn on the white light. Wait for 5 minutes then rinse with water What makes Whitelight the top rated option on home dental care solution? Removes not only surface stains but also penetrates deeply to remove embedded stains on the teeth enamel The advanced gel formulation seals off trouble by preventing possible tooth decay and sensitivity Guarantees results comparable to laser teeth whitening procedure Makes the gums healthier and stronger Guaranteed NO PEROXIDE It is compact, safe, easy to use

Digital Hearing Aid HA-20DX

৳ 1490 ৳ 1600
Total Harmonic Distortion:16OOHz-2%/800Hz3.5%/5OOHz-8.5% Operating Switch: 0-1 Tone Control: N, Hl,H2 Supply Voltage:AAA Battery 1.5 Volt Damnation: 6.7 X 4.2X2.1cm Weight: 45g

Cotton Buds - 200 Pieces

৳ 149 ৳ 180
Product Type: Cotton Buds Color: Multicolor Main Material: Plastic

NeW LED Light Ear Cleaner Flashlight Earpick

৳ 75 ৳ 100
An ideal solution for cleaning your ear like never before. The inner side of the ear becomes nicely visible and provides you the scope to clean painlessly. Full bright cool white flashlight. (Better than any yellow light) Changeable heads

Senora Economy Pack Panty System Sanitary Napkins - 15 Pcs

৳ 120 ৳ 130
Product Type: Sanitary Napkins Gender: Women Capacity: 15 Pcs

High Strength Non-toxic Medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

৳ 2000 ৳ 2500
Fitfor Adults High strength No adhesive Non-toxic Good filtration performance Mainly used in medical and health labor protection Composite product of spun bond and melt-blown