Ispahani Zareen Premium Tea 200gm

৳ 120 ৳ 130
Ispahani provides great quality tea for the whole family. Ispahani tea promises to great quality tea full of aroma, with a value-for-money positioning that allows people from all lifestyles to enjoy the tea to the fullest.

Danish Simla Tea - 200 gm

৳ 110 ৳ 120
Simla tea is a type of tea that produces too many countries.In Bangladesh, we have it produced in Sylhet as well. Simla tea is very popular in our country these days. So, we have a high demand for quality Simla tea among the people who love to take healthy tea every day.

Glaxose D - 400 gm BIB

৳ 145 ৳ 150
Since the launch of Glaxose, It has become a household name for instant recharge and refreshment. Draining out of energy is a common thing we all experience every day. Glaxose can be an instant & reliable solution to the problem. Glaxose replenishes the lost body glucose and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Everyday life puts us in situations where we must go on and give our best and Glaxose helps us to achieve that everyday.

Foster Clark's Mango Instant Drink Pack - 225g

৳ 195 ৳ 200
Product Type: Instant Drink Pack Brand: Foster Clark's Capacity: 225gm Flavor: Mango

Dragon Well Green Tea - 75gm

৳ 625 ৳ 650
You haven't had green tea unless you've had Dragon Well (Longjing). This is one of China's most famous green teas, originating from Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. This tea has a very distinctive shape, smooth and perfectly flattened along the inside vein of the leaf. Our fine Halda Valley Dragon well Green Tea has a bitter sweet, strong aroma and a deep, long lasting flavor. A truly satisfying cup of wellness.

Coconut Milk - 400ml

৳ 130 ৳ 140
Aroi Thai is a leading Bangladeshi agricultural food producing company offering healthy, nutritious and hygienic products. Our motto is ‘Aroi Thai - Good Food’. We offer premium quality snacks, spices, pickles, chutneys, sauces, aromatic rice, and mustard oil among other culinary items. We are committed to harnessing the best agro-based resources from genuine growers at a fair price. Our purpose is to consistently improve the choice of consumers with the most captivating food products.

Horlicks Lite Jar 330gm

৳ 370 ৳ 380
Lite Horlicks is a health drink which is specially designed to suit the nutritional needs of adults. It contains the goodness of malted barley and wheat with zero cholesterol, high protein and no added sugar The High Protein, it contains, is known to help in cell maintenance and repair Lite Horlicks contains 6 anti-oxidant nutrients (Selenium, Copper, Zinc, Vitamin C, B2 and E) that are known to contribute to protection of cells from oxidative stress Filled with a wide range of key vital nutrients and minerals **Lite Horlicks is a nourishing beverage to be consumed as a part of regular daily diet. Contains no added sugar (sucrose) in the product.

NESCAFE Classic Jar - 50gm

৳ 165 ৳ 170
The unmistakable full-flavor of NESCAFÉ Classic is what makes our signature coffee so loved all over the world. Savour the wonderfully rich and refreshing aroma of the perfect cup of coffee.